The recognised inventor of the modern commercial fuel dispenser

Pumptronics was established in 1985 with the aim of creating hardworking, reliable and innovative fuelling solutions.

We are the recognised inventor of the modern commercial fuel dispenser and continue to focus on product design and customer service to ensure our clients benefit from the latest technological advancements to fit their exact needs.

Designed for the toughest of locations, all over the globe

Our products are used around the world, from the Shetland Islands to the Falkland Islands. All units are fabricated from stainless steel to give a robust, long-lasting and rust free finish. The reputation for quality and the ability to withstand rugged environments has seen our products chosen for the World Rally Championships and nearly all the major HGV refuelling sites in the UK and Ireland.

Cost-effective fuelling solutions

Pumptronics’ aim to be competitive in today’s marketplace, but ensure quality, reliability and durability remains at the core of our approach. The result is a range of high-quality industry-leading products with a very low long-term cost of ownership.

State-of-the-art fuel management

As a result of 25 years’ experience of designing and building fuel control equipment our fuel management systems are suitable for any fleet management need and can be programmed to be as accessible or secure as your needs require.

Approved and certified for accuracy and safety

Our retail products are certified to British Standard BS7117, ATEX EN 13617-1 and the European Union’s Measuring Instruments Directive (MID), while Weights & Measures approval for the re-sale of fuel is included wherever applicable. All petroleum and gasoline units are approved for use in hazardous areas, making our pumps the ideal choice for safety and accuracy.

Expert support and advice at your fingertips

Our expert team are always on hand to advise you on choosing the correct solution, associated products, installation and maintenance issues.