Pumptronics are honoured to have been
awarded the Queen’s Award for Enterprise.
The Queen’s Award is recognised as one of
the highest accolades that a company can
be awarded within British industry.

It is Britain’s most coveted commercial award and is in recognition of a company’s contribution to International Trade. Only 152 companies have received this award in the UK for 2015, Pumptronics being one, of which we are exceptionally proud.

Through the company’s established brand within the UK market, Pumptronics has been able to develop a successful export strategy, notably achieving ‘Outstanding’ growth in the overseas market.

We would like to take the opportunity of dedicating this Award not only to our International Trade Partners, with whom we have developed exceptional relations, but to loyal and committed staff. Without the entire team’s support and commitment Pumptronics Limited would not have been able to achieve this honour.

Pumptronics’ aim is to be competitive in today’s international marketplacewithout compromising quality or our domestic market. Maintaining reliability and durability remains at the core of our approach. The result is a range of high-quality industry-leading products with a very low long-term cost of ownership.

Our robust design is engineered for toughest environmental conditions which suit all climates. Our pumps and meters are built to survive heat and humidity, and our filtering systems designed to remove duct and sand from the fuel.

Our approved and certified under EU Directive 94/9/EC and EN 13617-1 for use with hazardous petroleum fuels. Our C-Series range are also approved and certified under UK, European and International metrology directives and standards, which means they are approved for the resale of fuel to both the general public and commercial business in a global market.

Our products therefore provide the end user with the ability to manage effectively their critical assets of liquid fuel stocks, reducing fuel losses & long-lasting, rust-free finish.

Our reputation for quality and the equipment’s ability to withstand harsh environments has seen our products chosen by companies across the globe, UK military globally as well as major HGV refuelling sites and distribution centres in the UK and Ireland.