Efficient fuel recovery for cars, buses and HGVs.

A firm-favourite of the rental car industry, our debowser is efficient and rugged. Suitable for draining tanks at up to 41L/min, it makes short work of even the largest loads. Talk to us today about customising the liquids you need to draw and we can build the perfect package.

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LPG Pump

The C-Series Retail LPG Dispenser offers a flexible LPG refuelling.

This pump is ideal for smaller forecourts where space is at a premium. Constructed from the same stainless steel housing that is synonymous with the Pumptronics range, the C-Series Retail LPG Dispenser is a durable and reliable choice even in demanding environments. C-Series Retail LPG Dispenser is available in mono or twin configuration and in Dual Fuel configuration, in combination with petrol gasoline, allowing customers to refuel both grades of fuel without moving their vehicle.

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