Made in Britain

All of Pumptronics pumps are hand crafted in England, assembled in one of two facilities in south-east England. Every pump is built to order, allowing for a vast number of customisations depending on the application.

The passion of our engineers is evident, with every single pump being built and inspected by hand. Many of our team have been building Pumptronics pumps for more than 20 years, and that experience shows in the finished article.

Our British made products have attracted attention from around the globe, and in 2015 we received the Queen’s Award from Enterprise, awarded by HRH Queen Elizabeth II. Through the company’s established brand within the UK market, Pumptronics has been able to develop a successful export strategy, notably achieving ‘Outstanding’ growth in the overseas market.

We use high quality, European components along with British fabrication partners to ensure a final product that can be deployed anywhere in the world.

The Made in Britain Scheme symbolizes our commitment to manufacturing in the UK, using experts to produce high quality goods that can be exported around the world.

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