Multi-language Facias

Available in any currency in the world, allowing you to retail in your local currency.

Our facias can be ordered in any currency required, allowing units to be used on forecourts anywhere on the planet. With €, £, $, and ¥ available from stock, and with other currencies available to order, you can be as flexible as your customers.

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Aviation Pumps – Jet A1 or AvGas

Fuelling for GA Aircraft from small flying clubs to busy aerodromes.

Built to the highest standards, our aviation pumps can be configured to dispense Jet A1 or AvGas. In use around Britain at airfields and aerodromes, the Aviation pump is tried and tested, with weatherproof stainless steel and tough GRP head. This pump can be connected to a wide range of fuel management systems and remote payment terminals, making it perfect for flying clubs.

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LPG Pump

The C-Series Retail LPG Dispenser offers a flexible LPG refuelling.

This pump is ideal for smaller forecourts where space is at a premium. Constructed from the same stainless steel housing that is synonymous with the Pumptronics range, the C-Series Retail LPG Dispenser is a durable and reliable choice even in demanding environments. C-Series Retail LPG Dispenser is available in mono or twin configuration and in Dual Fuel configuration, in combination with petrol gasoline, allowing customers to refuel both grades of fuel without moving their vehicle.

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Efficient fuel recovery for cars, buses and HGVs.

A firm-favourite of the rental car industry, our debowser is efficient and rugged. Suitable for draining tanks at up to 41L/min, it makes short work of even the largest loads. Talk to us today about customising the liquids you need to draw and we can build the perfect package.

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Plinth with Hose Reel

Need a longer hose? We're here to help, with plinth mounted hose reels up to 50m long.

Pre-configure your Pumptronics pump with a hose reel and plinth to maximize flexibility without compromising on safety. Great for locations like marinas or airfields, we can add an additional 50m of range to your fueling system, with software compensating for the increased hose pressures and dilation. Talk to us about your requirements and we’ll help you specify the perfect system.

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180 Litres per Minute

High speed fuelling for boats, plant and armoured vehicles.

Designed for fast filling, this pump is at home fuelling lifeboats or the biggest earth-movers. The ultra-high-throughput pump lets you dispense diesel at a whopping 180L/min making the refuelling of fishing boats, locomotives and heavy plant machinery a breeze. Built to MOD standards, the 180L/min is at home on base filling armoured vehicles, or at coast guard moorings for rescue boats. Our range of high-power pumps are highly customisable and built-to-order, so we can tackle almost any project.

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Fleet with PosiLock

High speed fuelling with dry-connect and dust prevention.

Our fleet oriented pump is designed for filling buses and coaches with dedicated connectors. This pump has also found favour with the mining industry where the protection from dust and grit proved invaluable. If you have a need for dry-disconnect fuelling at high speeds, our range of options make things easy.

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Mechanical Petrol/Diesel

Designed for use inside ATEX Zone 1, this pump can go anywhere!

The first choice for pumps that need to be located inside fueling cabinets, or for ultra-remote locations where reliability comes before all other considerations. Available in petrol or diesel, and in three speeds, we can custom-build this pump to meet your needs.

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Zeon AdBlue®

The Zeon AdBlue® is the top pick for an ultra-compact, industrial additive pump or dispenser.

As our smallest footprint AdBlue® pump the Zeon is ideal for commercial fuelling areas where space is limited. This version has been modified to prevent leaching while pumping urea solutions, while maintaining the same rugged durability as the original design.

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Zeon Twin

The Zeon Twin provides an economical solution to dual pumping systems where different fuels or double capacity fuelling is necessary.

This versatile pump is perfect for space-conscious commercial fuelling areas. The Zeon Twin can be mounted inside tank cabinets, or undercover for comfortable fuelling even when space is limited.

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