180 Litres per Minute

High speed fuelling for boats, plant and armoured vehicles.

Designed for fast filling, this pump is at home fuelling lifeboats or the biggest earth-movers. The ultra-high-throughput pump lets you dispense diesel at a whopping 180L/min making the refuelling of fishing boats, locomotives and heavy plant machinery a breeze. Built to MOD standards, the 180L/min is at home on base filling armoured vehicles, or at coast guard moorings for rescue boats. Our range of high-power pumps are highly customisable and built-to-order, so we can tackle almost any project.

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C-Series Resale 90 Diesel


The C-Series 180 LPM pump is a must for heavy duty, commercial environment high-speed refuelling of HGV, large boats, locomotives and heavy plant equipment.

Although a mono-only pump, the two pumping units with integral air separation are housed in our stainless steel twin cabinet with a single 1 ½” outlet, 1 ½” hose and ZVA 32 nozzle, or as a single pump with twin hoses. This option provides two speeds and gives the user the ability to refuel the standard vehicle fleet at 180 LPM and at 60 LPM.

The attention to detail and quality of components used to construct the C-Series range ensures you will receive a truly reliable product which provides fast, accurate and repeatable fuel dispensing, time and again.

  • Single-sided 25mm illuminated digital displays (volume or currency resale)
  • Available as mono only
  • 2 x pumping units with integral air separation (not included in dispenser format)
  • 1 ½” solenoid valve
  • Approved automatic nozzle with swivel
  • Infra-red management control
  • 3.3 Elaflex hose (black colour as standard)
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Single or three-phase motors (115v/230v/380v)
  • Integral nozzle locking (no padlocks required)
  • Interface options include Pulse, Serial, Gilbarco 2 Wire and HL2
  • Single pick-up (2” supply pipe work recommended)
  • Manufactured to EN13617-1 SIRA Certificate number 05ATEX9095
  • Measuring Instruments Directive (MID) approved
  • Ministry of Defence Design and Maintenance Guide 14 (DMG14)
  • 12 months warranty
  • Dimensions: 1425mm (H) x 540mm (W) x 450mm (D) – Weight: 140kg


  • Second side display
  • Stainless steel under-pump plinth
  • Galvanised under-pump stool
  • GRP under-pump sump
  • Marine grade stainless steel panels available
  • Aviation hoses available
  • Avgas suitable conversions available

Product Codes

Part no:Description:
SC11EEHCC-Series Commercial Mono Suction Single Sided – Nominal 180 LPM
SC11EEHC/DISPC-Series Commercial Mono Dispenser Single Sided – Nominal 180 LPM
SC12EEHCC-Series Commercial Mono Suction with Twin hose Single Sided – Nominal 60/180 LPM
SC11EEHRC-Series Retail Mono Suction Single Sided – Nominal 180
SC11EEHR/DISPC-Series Retail Mono Dispenser Single Sided – Nominal 180
SC12EEHRC-Series Retail Mono Suction with Twin Hose Single Sided – Nominal 60/180
COMDIS001Second side Mono Commercial (Volume) Display
RETDIS001Second Side Mono Retail (Currency & Volume) Display
MS000022Galvanised Twin Under Pump Stool
NC002082GRP Under Pump Twin Sump
Plinthkit-TwinStandard St/St Plinth kit for Twin


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