Two is really better than one with the ALPHA Twin.

Able to pump simultaneously at two different speeds, the ALPHA Twin allows for multiple configurations based on the site specifications. The ALPHA Twin has the same reliable design as the original with the added benefit of a host of optional extras. Customise the dual pump to meet the demands for any commercial application.

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Alpha Twin setup Diesel fuel


  • ATEX approved for diesel
  • Two pump units and two meters housed in one cabinet
  • 2x4 piston meter
  • 2x belt-driven pump unit with air separator and integral filter
  • Standard set up low speed on left, high speed on the right
  • 50L/min for cars or vans
  • 70L/min for trucks
  • 90L/min for artics or plant vehicles
  • Dual, front and back display option
  • Nozzle not included
  • Dimensions 1245mm (H) x 1030mm (W) x 530mm (D)


  • Second sided display
  • Front nozzle holster
  • Automatic nozzle
  • Pumping speed options for diesel:
    • 50L/min – 50L/min
    • 50L/min – 70L/min
    • 50L/min – 90L/min
    • 70L/min – 70L/min
    • 70L/min – 90L/min
    • 90L/min – 90L/min
  • Integrated FMS

Product Codes

Part no:Description:ATEXVoltageMax FlowAccuracyAmpsMotor
ALPHA/5050A230V 50/50L/min, no nozzleYes230V50/50L/min+/- 0.25%16A750W
ALPHA/5070A230V 50/70L/min, no nozzleYes230V50/70L/min+/- 0.25%16A750W
ALPHA/7070A230V 70/70L/min, no nozzleYes230V70/70L/min+/- 0.25%16A750W
ALPHA/5090A230V 50/90L/min, no nozzleYes230V50/90L/min+/- 0.25%16A750W
ALPHA/7090A230V 70/90L/min, no nozzleYes230V70/90L/min+/- 0.25%16A750W
ALPHA/9090A230V 90/90L/min, no nozzleYes230V90/90L/min+/- 0.25%16A750W


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