C-Series Twin Currency Resale

Designed to exceed expectations, the C-Series combines ingenuity and quality.

Its unique design enables the twin version to be configured to pump any combination of fuel while still conforming to the highest safety standards. The C-Series Twin is a versatile pump that improves operational efficiency without compromising on performance. With a host of features to make selling fuel easy for both customers and retailers.

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C-Series Twin Diesel and Petrol Currency resale


  • Fuel configurations include, but are not limited to: diesel/petrol, petrol/petrol, diesel/diesel, diesel/AdBlue®
  • Retail display available with sterling (£) or euro (€) facia
  • Certified to MID and OIML standards and is suitable for retailing fuel
  • 2x belt driven geared pump
  • 2x 4 piston meter with +/-0.25% accuracy
  • Communication with FMS via serial protocol
  • Pumps can be verified in-house to MID module D avoiding the requirements for on-site calibration
  • Stainless steel cabinet with a lockable access panel
  • Infra-red remote control to access pump menus
  • Under pump check valve and solenoid valve as standard
  • Self-contained GRP head for electronics and backlit LCD screen
  • Screens show up to £9,999.99 per transaction, and 999,999L lifetime dispensed
  • 2x EN1360 3.66m hoses and hose hooks as standard
  • C-Series pumps are available for delivery to site within 7 days
  • Dimensions 1430mm (H) x 540mm (W) x 440mm (D)


  • Second side display
  • Stainless steel under-pump plinth
  • Galvanised under-pump stool
  • Built-in hose retriever (as opposed to high hose)
  • Standard outlet
  • Inline safety breaks ¾” – 1”
  • Stage two vapour recovery
  • Marine-grade stainless steel panels available
  • Aviation hoses available
  • AvGas suitable conversions available

Product Codes

Part no:Description:VoltageMax FlowAccuracyAmpsMotor
SC22LR45/45 diesel and/or petrol twin pump, no nozzle230V45/45 L/min+/- 0.25%16A1.1kW
SC22LMR45/70 diesel and/or petrol twin pump, no nozzle230V45/70 L/min+/- 0.25%16A1.1kW
SC22LHR45/90 diesel and/or petrol twin pump, no nozzle230V45/90 L/min+/- 0.25%16A1.1kW
SC22MR70/70 diesel twin pump, no nozzle230V70/70 L/min+/- 0.25%16A1.1kW
SC22MHR70/90 diesel twin pump, no nozzle230V70/90 L/min+/- 0.25%16A1.1kW
SC22HR90/90 diesel twin pump, no nozzle230V90/90 L/min+/- 0.25%16A1.1kW


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