Plinth with Hose Reel

Need a longer hose? We're here to help, with plinth mounted hose reels up to 50m long.

Pre-configure your Pumptronics pump with a hose reel and plinth to maximize flexibility without compromising on safety. Great for locations like marinas or airfields, we can add an additional 50m of range to your fueling system, with software compensating for the increased hose pressures and dilation. Talk to us about your requirements and we’ll help you specify the perfect system.

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Pumptronics C-Series Plinth and Hose Reel



  • Bayonet nozzle
  • ACME nozzle
  • Dish nozzle
  • Euro nozzle
  • Built-in hose retriever

Product Codes

Part no:Description:
LPG11SCC-Series Commercial Mono Single Sided – Nominal 50 LPM
LPG12SCC-Series Commercial Twin Single Sided – Nominal 50 /50 LPM
LPG22DFCC-Series Commercial Duel Fuel Single Sided – Nominal 50 / 50 LPM
LPG11SRC-Series Retail Mono Single Sided – Nominal 50 LPM
LPG12SRC-Series Retail Twin Single Sided – Nominal 50 /50 LPM
LPG22DFRC-Series Retail Duel Fuel Single Sided – Nominal 50 / 50 LPM
LP000070LPG Nozzle GG30S – Bayonet connector
LP000073LPG Nozzle ZVG 2 – ACME connector
LP000074LPG Nozzle ZVG 2 – EURO connector (EN 13760)
LP000075LPG Nozzle ZVG 2 – DISH connector
COMDIS001Second side mono volume only display (for LPG11SC)
RETDIS002Second side twin retail display for Dual Fuel
Plinthkit-monoStandard St/St Plinth kit for Mono and Twin LPG dispenser
Plinthkit-twinStandard St/St Plinth Kit for Dual Fuel Twin hose unit
MS000300LPG Galvanised under dispenser stool
HOSERET/LPGBuilt-in hose retriever
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