Zeon AdBlue®

The Zeon AdBlue® is the top pick for an ultra-compact, industrial additive pump or dispenser.

As our smallest footprint AdBlue® pump the Zeon is ideal for commercial fuelling areas where space is limited. This version has been modified to prevent leaching while pumping urea solutions, while maintaining the same rugged durability as the original design.

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Zeon Mono AdBlue


  • Use with submersible pumps
  • Ideal for installation on multiple fuelling islands
  • Flexible nozzle solutions
  • Stainless steel construction
  • 25L/min
  • Meter accuracy +/- 1%
  • Single LCD display one side
  • Pulse output interface, 10 or 100 PPL
  • Integrated totaliser
  • Nozzle holster on RH side
  • Integral nozzle locking
  • 3.3m hose as standard
  • Stainless steel solenoid valve (dispenser option)
  • Not approved for resale
  • Not ATEX approved
  • Dimensions 1150mm (H) x 370mm (W) x 450mm (D)


  • Second side display
  • Stainless steel under-pump plinth
  • Galvanised under-pump stool
  • GRP under-pump sump
  • Front loading nozzle

Product Codes

Part no:Description:
ZEAB11LCZeon AdBlue® suction, single side display, w/o nozzle
ZEAB11LC/DISPZeon AdBlue® Mono dispenser, single side display, solenoid, w/o nozzle
ZEAB22HDFC/DISZeon 90 LPM suction Diesel, AdBlue® 25 LPM dispenser
ZEAB22LC/DISPZeon AdBlue® Twin Dispenser (twin solenoids) w/o nozzle
ZEAB22LDFC/DISZeon 50 LPM suction Diesel, AdBlue® 25 LPM dispenser
Front loading nozzle options for both Mono & Twins
ZEDIS001Second side volume only display – Mono pump
ZEDIS002Second side volume only displays – Twin pump
MS000012Galvanised under pump stool – Mono
MS000022Galvanised under pump stool – Twin
ZEONMONOSALASSSolenoid for mono Zeon Pump
ZETWINSOLASSSolenoid assembly for twin Zeon 80 pump
NC002081GRP mono under pump sump
NC002082GRP twin under pump sump
HE000110BZVA AdBlue® nozzle c/w AdBlue® safety break and swivel
HE000110ZVA AdBlue® nozzle c/w swivel
XNADNOZPumptronics Automatic Stainless Steel AdBlue® Nozzle c/w swivel
HE000115AdBlue® under pump shear valve


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