When performance counts, C-Series delivers – even in the most testing environments. This makes it the first choice for military, aviation and marine applications.

Its high specification meets stringent MOD standards as well as MID approval for selling fuel by volume or currency, fitting it for both high and low volume resale at all outlets from major supermarket chains to small garages and taxi companies.

C-Series versatility extends to its comprehensive range of fuel types and pumping speeds. It can dispense diesel, petrol, AvGas, kerosene and AdBlue at speeds from 8L/min to 180 L/min. It is also compatible with all fuel management and point-of-sale systems.

Whatever the criteria – speed, accuracy, reliability or versatility – our C-Series Is unrivalled.

C-Series AdBlue®

A high-performance machine designed for ultimate flexibility.

The commercial AdBlue® dispenser version is suitable for filling a range of vehicles, from cars to large commercial vehicles. The C-Series range is engineered to the highest standard, all with ATEX approval. This allows the C-Series AdBlue® dispenser to be located within hazardous areas, making it an ideal pump for multi-fuel dispensing sites.

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C-Series Currency Resale

Manufactured to the highest specifications with stainless steel cabinet this powerful pump performs where others can’t.

With MID approval as standard, universal compatibility with POS and FMS systems, and an easy-to-read currency display, the C-Series Resale is ideal for any fuel retail site. The C-Series is easy to maintain with long service life and low cost of ownership, making it a sound investment for years to come.

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C-Series Twin Currency Resale

Designed to exceed expectations, the C-Series combines ingenuity and quality.

Its unique design enables the twin version to be configured to pump any combination of fuel while still conforming to the highest safety standards. The C-Series Twin is a versatile pump that improves operational efficiency without compromising on performance. With a host of features to make selling fuel easy for both customers and retailers.

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C-Series Twin Volume Resale

Our premium commercial pump with flexibility built-in, the C-Series Twin is the elite choice for volume fuelling.

With the capacity to fuel two different fuels simultaneously at two different speeds, this pump provides ultimate versatility where you need it most. The entire C-Series range is universally FMS compatible, for optimal operational visibility.

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C-Series Volume Resale

Our flagship pump, the C-Series has been the best performer on the market for years.

Using only the highest quality components, the C-Series is built to deliver time and time again even in the toughest environments. The robust, multifaceted design makes this pump ideal for every pumping situation from marinas to airfields.

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