When space is at a premium the Zeon range comes into its own, combining an ultra compact design with a powerful performance.

Its small, streamlined cabinet is easily accommodated in confined areas or hard to reach locations, and can even be mounted inside tank cabinets or under cover. Nonetheless, it is versatile enough to dispense diesel or Adblue fluids at a full range of pumping speeds from 25 to 90L/m

Like all Pumptronics products, the Zeon range is designed for durability and reliability, and features a monocoque frame for rigidity and resilience.

A scaled down version of our Alpha range, Zeon offers a lot in a little.


With its small footprint and monocoque frame, the Zeon is the choice economy pump for demanding and restrictive environments.

Its compact size makes it ideal for locating within the end cabinet of a bunded tank. The Zeon is a solid, reliable, and rugged solution for any commercial environment.

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Zeon AdBlue®

The Zeon AdBlue® is the top pick for an ultra-compact, industrial additive pump or dispenser.

As our smallest footprint AdBlue® pump the Zeon is ideal for commercial fuelling areas where space is limited. This version has been modified to prevent leaching while pumping urea solutions, while maintaining the same rugged durability as the original design.

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Zeon Twin

The Zeon Twin provides an economical solution to dual pumping systems where different fuels or double capacity fuelling is necessary.

This versatile pump is perfect for space-conscious commercial fuelling areas. The Zeon Twin can be mounted inside tank cabinets, or undercover for comfortable fuelling even when space is limited.

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