Test Measure Cans.

Test measure cans, otherwise known as proving cans, can be used to measure the volume of fluid being dispensed by a pump. These units are available with MID/Weights and Measures certificates, allowing them to be used when calibrating equipment used for reselling fuel.  These test measures can be used with petrol, diesel, Jet A1, AvGas, biodiesel and AdBlue. 2L forecourt model coming soon.

Made from high-quality stainless steel, with optional carry case and 15″ anti-splash funnel, these are available for delivery next day within the UK.

  • ATEX certified for use with Diesel, Petrol and Biodiesel
  • MID approved models available
  • 301 stainless steel construction
  • Integrated level finder
  • Easy to read scale
  • Carry case available
  • 15″ anti-splash funnel option

ATEX Approved
Approved for re-sale
Petroleum & Diesel
Alternative Fuel