Fuel tank leak protection device.

Anti-Syphon valves are used to protect above ground tanks from the syphoning effect that can occur when fuel begins to flow from the tank. If left un-checked, fuel can continue to flow from tanks until the tank is empty.

Anti-syphon valves can prevent fuel loss when a pipe ruptures, preventing the syphoning effect from draining the storage tanks. This valve can also protect against fuel thieves, who rely on the effect, damaging pipework and collecting the fuel.

Whether you are preventing fuel theft or against fuel leaks, adding an anti-syphon valve to your fuel tank pipework will protect your investment.

This ATEX approved anti-syphon valve can be used with petrol, diesel, and biodiesel.

  • ATEX certified for use with Diesel, Petrol and Biodiesel
  • Suitable for flow rates up to 200 litres per minute
  • Protects above ground fuel tanks from syphoning
  • Includes inlet strainer
  • 1½” BSPT Flanged fitting
  • Maximum 3.4 bar pressure
  • Maximum tank height is 6m

ATEX Approved
Approved for re-sale
Petroleum & Diesel
Alternative Fuel