Our C-Series Debowser range is designed to meet the needs of vehicle hire companies and fleet operators that need to retrieve fuel from vehicles on a regular basis. Used for both petrol and diesel the C-Series Debowser provides a safe and accurate solution to retrieve, measure and record fuel removed from a variety of vehicles.

Being able to accurately measure fuel retrieval is vital in reconciling wet stock and adhering to site licensing requirements, which is why the C-Series Debowser is fitted with full air separation and weights and measures-approved flow meter. With a retrieval rate of approximately 8-10 LPM, the C-Series Debowser provides a high-speed solution to fuel recovery needs.

As the C-Series Debowser must be operated with an earth bonding reel, a 15m earth bonding cable is available as an additional option – essential for retrieving petroleum products.

  • Single-sided 25mm illuminated digital commercial display (volume only)
  • Pumping unit with integral air separation
  • Retrieval rate of approximately 8-10 LPM
  • Manufactured to EN13617-1 SIRA certificate number 05ATEX9095
  • Mono and twin units available capable of extracting either petrol or diesel
  • Water and particulate filtration system
  • Start/stop activation switch
  • Infra-red management system
  • Interface options include Pulse, Serial, Gilbarco 2 Wire and HL2
  • In-line sight glass to view fuel flow
  • Adaptor flex fitted at end of hose to allow fuel retrieval from the tank filler neck
  • 12 months warranty
  • Bonding reel with either 15m or 30m of earth bonding cable (essential requirement for petroleum)
  • Second side display
  • Stainless steel under-pump plinth
  • Galvanised pump stool
  • Mono: 1425mm (H) x 370mm (W) x 450mm (D) – Weight: 84kg
  • Twin: 1425mm (H) x 540mm (W) x 450mm (D) – Weight: 140kg
Part no:Description:
DB11SCMono hose Commercial Debowser Single Side Display
DB22SCTwin hose Commercial Debowser Single Side Display
Combined Unit:
SB22LCTwin Hose Commercial Debowser 8-10 LPM & Dispensing Unit 45 LPM
SB22HCTwin Hose Commercial Debowser 8-10 LPM & Dispensing Unit 90 LPM
COMDIS001Second side Mono Commercial (Volume) Display
COMDIS002Second side Twin Commercial (Volume) Display
BR000001Hand Wind Earth Bonding Reel c/w 15m of Earth Bond Cable
BR000002Hand Wind Earth Bonding Reel c/w 30m of Earth Bond Cable
MS000012Galvanised Under Pump Stool – Mono
MS000022Galvanised Under Pump Stool – Twin
Plinthkit-MonoStandard St/St Plinth kit for Mono
Plinthkit-TwinStandard St/St Plinth kit for Twin

Petroleum & Diesel


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