Manufactured to the same high standards as the rest of the range, the C-Series mechanical pumps are designed to be rugged, accurate and reliable.

Designed for the commercial environment the C-Series mechanical range features a single volume-only, hand-reset register complete with an optional pulse output. Available in either mono or twin version, each comes with hose and ZVA automatic nozzle assembly.

Thanks to its world beating hydraulics, the C-Series mechanical pump unit is designed for use with above and below ground tanks and is approved, manufactured and certified to EN13617-1. The pump is available in three speeds – 45 LPM, 70 LPM or 90 LPM.

  • Approved to EN13617 (ATEX)
  • Meter accuracy +/- 0.2%
  • Not weights and measures approved for resale
  • Mechanical display (volume only)
  • Approved ‘latch open’ nozzles with safety break
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Single or three-phase motors (115v/230v/380v)
  • 12 months warranty
  • Nozzle left hand side
  • Pulser unit (10 PPL only)
  • Breakaway hose coupling
  • Stainless under-pump plinth
  • Galvanised under-pump stool
  • GRP under-pump sump
  • Mechanical hand crank (dispense fuel in the event of power failure)
  • Mono: 1150mm (H) x 370mm (W) x 450mm (D) – Weight: 80kg
  • Twin: 1150mm (H) x 540mm (W) x 450mm (D) – Weight: 135kg
Part no: Description:
MC11LC Mechanical Mono with Air/Sep (45LPM)
MC11MC Mechanical Mono with Air/Sep (70LPM)
MC11HC Mechanical Mono with Air/Sep (90LPM)
MC22LC Mech Twin with Air/Sep (45/45LPM)
MC22MC Mech Twin with Air/Sep (70/70LPM)
MC22LHC Mech Twin Split Speed with Air/Sep (45/90LPM)
MC22HC Mech Twin with Air/Sep (90/90LPM)
ME000203 Ex Pulser 10:1 for Mechanical
BREAKINLINE1 Ex Hose Break Opt Inline 1″ (reconnectable)
BREAKINLINE2 Ex Hose Break Opt Inline 3/4″ (disposable)
MS000012 Galvanised Under Pump Stool – Mono
MS000022 Galvanised Under Pump Stool – Twin
Plinthkit-Mono Standard St/St Plinth kit for Mono
Plinthkit-Twin Standard St/St Plinth kit for Twin
NC002081 GRP Mono Under Pump Sump
NC002082 GRP Twin Under Pump Sump
Three Phase 3 Three Phase Option Mono
Three Phase 4 Three Phase Option Twin
ME000100 Mechanical Hand Crank

Petroleum & Diesel
Alternative Fuel


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