The Fuel Scout Plus is our state-of-the-art fuel management system, a culmination of over 25 years’ experience of designing and building fuel control equipment.

Using a programmable contactless electronic tag, users can simply offer the tag to the control panel, enter a PIN or ID and odometer (if required) and begin dispensing fuel within seconds. The system is extremely flexible, capable of being programmed to be as accessible or secure as your needs require.

The Fuel Scout Plus is capable of multiple fuelling modes to suit any fleet management need, while tags are programmable at the Fuel Scout Plus with the manager’s tag or at your office using the optional desktop programmer unit.

Data capture is simple with all extracted report data automatically backed-up to ensure the highest level of data integrity, with concise and simple reporting to Microsoft Excel™ providing performance feedback and chart analysis.

The Fuel Scout Plus is compatible with any pump and can be mounted as a standalone column in stainless steel, on top of an existing pump, or within the end of a tank enclosure.

  • Large graphic LCD display providing clear operating instructions
  • Robust contactless RF TAG fuelling operation
  • Alphanumeric entry via front panel to enable flexible data capture
  • LED night lighting for ease of use in dark conditions
  • Multiple data transfer and retrieval options: USB, LAN, RS485, modem & GSM
  • Microsoft Windows compatible
  • GRP hood enclosure
  • Stainless steel inner chassis
  • Uniquely coded door access key – access to pump override
  • Rugged membrane front panel with scratchproof display window
  • Weather resistant to IP65 standard
  • Pulse output interfaces 100PPL or 10PPL
  • Pulser: Closed contact, less than 600 ohms
  • Active pulser: Open collector output
  • Active pulser voltage: 5v @ 1amp
  • 230v AC @ 50Hz – less than 30 watts (110v available on request)
  • Voltage tolerance of +/- 30 volts
  • 6amp fuse/breaker (standalone)
  • Maximum number of tags: 65,000
  • Max number of pumps: 4 per Fuel Scout
  • Transaction capacity: 200,000
  • Non-volatile memory: 32MB
  • USB download as standard
  • PC cable link
  • Modem kit via landline
  • GSM modem kit
  • Stainless steel column mount
  • Programmed data tags
  • Data key panel option
  • Programmed data key
  • Desk Top Data Tag or Data Key Programmer
  • Software for Tank Gauging interface
  • PC software (Windows 98 to Windows 8)
  • Pump mount plate
  • Connection to ATG (tank gauges)
  • 1600mm (H) x 400mm (W) x 450mm (D) – Weight: 155kg
ZFSKEYPROGRFS Desk Top Key Programmer Unit c/w Software

Part no: Description:
PFSP USB Fuel Scout Plus with Standard USB
PFSP CA Fuel Scout Plus with Cable Link to PC
PFSP MO Fuel Scout Plus with Modem Kit via landline
PFSP GSM Fuel Scout Plus with GSM Modem Kit
PFSP LAN Fuel Scout Plus with LAN Modem Kit
ZFSCOLUMN Stainless Steel Column Mount
ZFSTAG Programmed Data Tags – each
ZFSKEYMKB Data Key panel option
ZFSDATAKEY Programmed Data Key – each
ZFSTAGPROGR FS Desk Top Tag Programmer Unit including Software
ZFSKEYPROGR FS Desk Top Key Programmer Unit includingSoftware
ZFSSOFTWARE 6 Software for Tank Gauging interface


Fuel Management


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