• Automatically compensates for the change in liquid bulk under heating or cooling, ensuring the correct volume is dispensed.
  • Increase in dispensing accuracy can save thousands by avoiding over-dispensing fuels.
  • Suitable for Petrol, Diesel, AdBlue, AvGas, and Jet A1.
  • ATEX approved.
  • Approved for Resale.
  • Invisibly adjusts measurements, before the volume or price is displayed.

What is automatic temperature compensation?

Depending on where in the world you are located, the ambient temperature below ground (or above ground, for that matter) can vary dramatically. When liquids are subjected to different temperatures, they expand and contract, making it difficult to measure their flow.

Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC) is the process of automatically accounting for the increase or decrease in fuel level dependent on the temperature. When the ambient temperature is low (lower than the 15oC, the accepted baseline), the fuel will “shrink”. If fuel is warmer than the baseline, it will “grow” a little, leading to meters reading higher than they should.

The average underground fuel storage tank in the UK is approximately 11.6oC. This lower-than-baseline temperature means that your fuel dispenser will be delivering more fuel through the nozzle than required.

What can we do to compensate for temperature?

We can install automatic temperature compensation – a system that uses a temperature probe to read the current fuel temperature and adjust the readings on the flowmeter. This ensures that no matter what temperature range your tank is subjected to, the volume of fuel that you dispense is accurate.

In England this is particularly important – as almost all fuel deliveries are compensated to 15oC, if you fail to compensate, you could be losing significant amounts of money. Fuel retailers who sell more than a million litres of fuel per year, could be delivering up to 4,000 litres of petrol without being paid for it.

By installing temperature sensors that are linked to an ATC system, you can make sure that the fuel volume purchased is the same as the fuel volume that you sell. Don’t allow your profits or efficiency to be temperature dependent!

Pumptronics can provide ATC for Petrol, Diesel, AvGas and Jet A1. Talk to us today about the pump and dispenser systems that will best meet your needs.