The Zeon Fleet 110 LPM range is Pumptronics’ low-cost, high-speed solution for fleet operators looking to install a hard-working, reliable diesel pump with a Dry Break nozzle for bus operators or a combination of both.

Thanks to its spill-free refuelling system, the Zeon fleet range reduces fuelling time and provides a reduction in the cost associated with wasted fuel from spillages. Crucially, it keeps operators and the working environment clean and safe, and eliminates the threat of theft as the nozzle has to be connected to the vehicle in order to dispense fuel.

With its communications output of either 10 PPL or 100 PPL, it can be linked to a variety of fuel management systems including our Fuel Scout Plus for the ultimate in fuel management control.

The Zeon range is ATEX approved not for re-sale and represents a solid, reliable, rugged and high-speed solution for the commercial environment where cost considerations and speed are important.

  • Stainless steel construction
  • 110 LPM
  • Meter accuracy of 0.25%
  • Electronic head enclosure with illuminated volume display, one side only
  • Twin solenoids as standard
  • 3.3m hose
  • ATEX approved for Diesel
  • Complies to ATEX IIA T3
  • Manufactured to EN 13617-1
  • Pulse output interfaces 100PPL or 10PPL for fuel management systems
  • Diesel and Biodiesel only
  • 12 months warranty
  • Dry Break nozzle and Std Latched nozzle
  • Optional Second side display available
  • High hose
  • Matching stainless under pump plinths for sites without suitable islands
  • Galvanised Under pump cradles/stools for new installations
  • Breakaway hose coupling
  • 1150mm (H) x 540mm (W) x 450mm (D) – Weight: 140kg
Part no:Description:
ZE110SOB-FZeon 110LPM – Fleet Mono – Twin Hose
ZEDIS001Second Side Volume Only Display
ZESB901” Breakaway & Pigtail 90 LPM
HHOSEStainless Steel High Hose Option – Per Hose
Three phase 2Three Phase Motor Option
NC002081GRP Mono Under Pump Sump

Diesel Only


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