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Better than your standard refueller, the ALPHA is a commercial diesel pump that provides quality year after year.

Its unique design offers flexibility and durability for any commercial application. The stainless steel cabinet can accommodate three different pumping speeds, making it ideal for filling everything from cars to heavy plant machinery.

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When your fleet can’t afford lengthy downtime look no further than our ALPHA pump range.

This version has all the features you’d expect from the classic ALPHA design, with selected modifications that make it adept at processing urea solutions. Available in a heavy-duty pump and dispenser versions, the AdBlue® ALPHA is the ideal choice for high-volume fuelling sites.

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ALPHA Petrol

Specially designed to meet the requirements of most commercial petrol pump applications.

ALPHA Petrol is engineered to ease operational complexity. The pump features all the benefits associated with the ALPHA range, with easy engineer access to reduce downtime and save costs, the ALPHA Petrol is a robust machine that stands up to daily use year after year.

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ALPHA Petrol Resale

Providing accuracy and operational longevity where you need it when you need it.

MID certified to resell petrol by volume, this version of our ALPHA pump unit has been designed with an incorporated air eliminator and 100-micron filter, keeping safety and operational integrity at the heart of the design.

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ALPHA Resale

When refuelling medium to large commercial diesel fleets accuracy, safety, and reliability are the utmost concern.

That’s why we’ve engineered our ALPHA to comply with MID regulations, making it suitable for reselling fuel by volume. This resale approved pump is the ideal dispenser for taxi fleets, district councils and more.

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Two is really better than one with the ALPHA Twin.

Able to pump simultaneously at two different speeds, the ALPHA Twin allows for multiple configurations based on the site specifications. The ALPHA Twin has the same reliable design as the original with the added benefit of a host of optional extras. Customise the dual pump to meet the demands for any commercial application.

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C-Series AdBlue®

A high-performance machine designed for ultimate flexibility.

The commercial AdBlue® dispenser version is suitable for filling a range of vehicles, from cars to large commercial vehicles. The C-Series range is engineered to the highest standard, all with ATEX approval. This allows the C-Series AdBlue® dispenser to be located within hazardous areas, making it an ideal pump for multi-fuel dispensing sites.

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C-Series Currency Resale

Manufactured to the highest specifications with stainless steel cabinet this powerful pump performs where others can’t.

With MID approval as standard, universal compatibility with POS and FMS systems, and an easy-to-read currency display, the C-Series Resale is ideal for any fuel retail site. The C-Series is easy to maintain with long service life and low cost of ownership, making it a sound investment for years to come.

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C-Series Twin Currency Resale

Designed to exceed expectations, the C-Series combines ingenuity and quality.

Its unique design enables the twin version to be configured to pump any combination of fuel while still conforming to the highest safety standards. The C-Series Twin is a versatile pump that improves operational efficiency without compromising on performance. With a host of features to make selling fuel easy for both customers and retailers.

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C-Series Twin Volume Resale

Our premium commercial pump with flexibility built-in, the C-Series Twin is the elite choice for volume fuelling.

With the capacity to fuel two different fuels simultaneously at two different speeds, this pump provides ultimate versatility where you need it most. The entire C-Series range is universally FMS compatible, for optimal operational visibility.

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C-Series Volume Resale

Our flagship pump, the C-Series has been the best performer on the market for years.

Using only the highest quality components, the C-Series is built to deliver time and time again even in the toughest environments. The robust, multifaceted design makes this pump ideal for every pumping situation from marinas to airfields.

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With its small footprint and monocoque frame, the Zeon is the choice economy pump for demanding and restrictive environments.

Its compact size makes it ideal for locating within the end cabinet of a bunded tank. The Zeon is a solid, reliable, and rugged solution for any commercial environment.

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Zeon AdBlue®

The Zeon AdBlue® is the top pick for an ultra-compact, industrial additive pump or dispenser.

As our smallest footprint AdBlue® pump the Zeon is ideal for commercial fuelling areas where space is limited. This version has been modified to prevent leaching while pumping urea solutions, while maintaining the same rugged durability as the original design.

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Zeon Twin

The Zeon Twin provides an economical solution to dual pumping systems where different fuels or double capacity fuelling is necessary.

This versatile pump is perfect for space-conscious commercial fuelling areas. The Zeon Twin can be mounted inside tank cabinets, or undercover for comfortable fuelling even when space is limited.

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